One week down and a lot more blogging to go

Having set myself the challenge to write a blog day for Nanowrimo, I never anticipated how the real challenge would be fitting it in rather than getting over writer’s bloc. It is now day eight and I have just 20 minutes to speedily ramble if I am to meet my challenge. My excuse I’ve been slaying orcs and the goblin king in a fantastic co-op board game.

Ok so doing a ramble about writing is probably a bit of cop out. If time had permitted you would have got a lovely blog about how a team up of Hawkgirl and Avenger’s Wasp would be awesome. Then a rant about the frustrations of the cliche these characters have faced when they get boyfriends. Women if they are not betraying the world to let their alien family enslave the human race, they are becoming sickeningly love sick. But don’t worry that treat is coming, just not today.

Simply writing these blogs has been liberating. Dyslexia and writer’s bloc are a fatal combination. Already I’ve had to embrace these, the first step is acceptance then a lot of tea and cigarettes. Then thinking things through with a collared friends, well most rambling out loud to them. But what has been more liberating, is giving myself the freedom to write about a range of things.

I would have thought it would be more of a gamble to put opinions and experiences out there in this is dusty corner of wordpress. Instead to some extent its nice not worrying who is reading but to just clear my thoughts. Friends have been surprisingly positive and supportive. Quite frankly I’ve learnt how addictive the world of blogging can be.

This all said I am still facing a few confidence issues with writing. The backspace button will be worn out before this project is over.


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